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Daniel Ruano Testimonial

January 3, 2013
Brain Training Centers of Florida
Re: Daniel Ruano DOB: 11/3/2011

Daniel was born with certain abnormalities. After surgery to correct one of his conditions Daniel “coded” in the recovery room. All his MRIs revealed severe brain trauma and damage to all four hemispheres of the brain and the medical prognosis was not very hopeful.

This was a very stressful time for the family and we sought comfort and solace in prayer and by placing our trust in God’s care and guidance.

Daniel’s mom, Kenia saw a news spot on Univision and at the same time another relative also saw the program which spoke of brain training performed at The Brain Training Centers of Florida. Relatives began calling relatives and we all sensed that this was more than just chance but an answer to prayer.

We contacted Geoff Cole explaining Daniel’s medical condition. Geoff was cautious in not giving us any false expectation because of Daniel age and his medical history. But Daniel was destined to become the first infant under 2 years old to receive brain training.

Baby Daniel to everyone’s surprise began to react positively after the first session with Geoff. The first notable change was that Daniel began sleeping at night which was a relief for the family and for Daniel.

After a few sessions Daniel began to focus his eyes and began tracking moving objects and became more aware of his environment. He observed object on the walls next to his bed and even began making new vocal sounds. He began to cry to express his discomfort, hunger and the desire to be cuddled.

We have seen improvement with each session but we also understand that brain training is not a cure but a means to enhance Daniel’s quality of life.

We are very grateful to Geoff Cole and the wonderful staff at Brain Training Centers of Florida for their care, positive attitude and support. We would recommend any parent hoping to improve the quality of life of their child; no matter what their handicap to seriously consider brain training as a supportive therapy

For the Family;
Rev. Frank A Cebollero, M.Th.

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