Another Book Review by Dr. Flynn – Re: Cocaine

I am not sure this should be called a “book” review as it is about an article…. Dr. Flynn of the Brain Training Centers of Florida has provided another informative review.

The Best Six Pages Ever About Cocaine:

“The Neurobiology of Cocaine Addition.” Eric J. Nestler, M.D., Ph.D.,

Science & Practice Perspective. December 2005

Eric J. Nestler’s introductory three or four pages of this article, published in a journal of the National Institute on Drug Abuse/national Institutes of Health, are so good that I keep copies on both my campus and private office desks – to make them easily available to addicts and families dealing with cocaine addiction. More importantly, however, his research serves as the perfect paradigm or model for what happens in any addicted brain. While the first three or four pages are an easy read, the remainder of the nine page article are just a little more complicated – but worth the effort.

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