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Are you in more pain than you have ever experienced in your Life? Are you hopeless? Have you read so many books, attended every self help seminar, spent thousands on counseling and every type of therapy known to man and still feel absolute despair? 

You may have had brief periods of happiness and periods of functioning fairly well.  But it lays dormant, you know it’s there, but you don’t even know what “It” is. You may identify it as a sadness or fear, these are very familiar emotions you’ve known a very long time. Most of your life maybe?

There is a reason. One that may surprise you as it did me. I was struggling with severe Post Traumatic Stress. To the point I would not ever actually hurt myself , but my will to live was fading away.  It was just too hard to keep feeling these same debilitating emotions.

I was desperate.  Maybe even more desperate because I had done so much work, what on earth was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I feel better. Why couldn’t I enjoy my life and be Truly Happy.

The answer did surprise me and changed my life so profoundly and in the simplest way when I was introduced to Brain Wave Optimization with real time balancing. I was shown with actual graphic detail why I was so unhappy. Why I was so fearful.  That no matter what kind of therapy I had, how much I tried to control my thoughts or will myself to be happy, it would not work.  I was shown the amount of trauma still in my subconscious on a graph.  I was shown how the sessions were breaking up the trauma and I didn’t even feel it.  It was being released and removed.

The reason nothing truly ever worked is because my Brain was unbalanced. My Brain had been so conditioned in an effort to protect itself from previous trauma that it had developed a maze of Neural Pathways that controlled every emotion and responded from that place. You may be familiar with the Fight or Flight response.  My brain was set on 100% Flight. What is also commonly known as Disassociation. Any discomfort was an automatic Flight response and consequent disassociation.

Because of the ingrained Pathways set from the trauma the Brain interpreted everything as a threat and responded accordingly, automatically.  I had no control to change it on my own.

Brain Wave Optimization also known as Brain Conditioning or as Brain Training, breaks those destructive pathways and establishes new healthy pathways in the simplest way, with sound. You relax in a chair and visualize your new thoughts and the various sound protocols break the barrier of the old to reestablish the new and balance your Brain.

Your life will be transformed, and because the Brain affects and controls all of our physical organs, besides our emotions and thoughts, as well as our intuition, it has the ability to transform your overall sense of well being. You will really feel like you are Living for the first time in your life.

This was a win-win. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain; and I did. The integration of a balanced brain allows all of your organs to operate in a balanced way. Your intuition will be unlocked and allowed to flow with a new sense of living.  What before was experienced in any number of negative emotions will now be experienced in a calm, peaceful and functional way of living life. I now enjoy a zest for life; an excited anticipation of what will happen next.

This has been my experience and every person is different, but I invite you to explore the possibility of this changing your life. There have been absolute miracles in the lives of the people that have undergone this therapy.

Really, when you think of it everything works best when it operates from a place of balance. It is such a simple concept, brilliant in the design and the greatest therapeutic tool you will have ever used. This therapy is new but it is spreading around the world.

My experience was especially great, I believe, because of the care and compassion of the Brain Training Center of Florida. So that is my recommendation for you. The Director Geoff Cole and his staff are truly so passionate about what they do that you could not be in better hands. Call them today and see how they can help you change your life and live in Balance the way we are intended to be.

Judy S, Tampa, Fl. , 12/01/09

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