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I suffered for over ten years with debilitating physical and mental pain. I was deeply challenged by acute fatigue, physical and mental depression and Post Traumatic Stress and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, an incurable disease by all medical standards. This condemned me to a life of coping with prescription drugs just to make life bearable.

I went on a desperate search for a cure, sought out the most intellectual minds both western and eastern medicine had to offer, and spent a quarter of a million dollars – I finally collapsed. From here I became a voracious reader and began a journey into the unknown. After years of searching, countless setbacks including significant head trauma, my search for a cure became a journey of healing into the deepest parts of my soul.

Geoffrey A. Cole from the Brain Training Centers of Florida in Miami helped me work through horrendous and brutal trauma from childhood, trauma that paralyzed my ability to think, to act normally, and that ultimately led to my debilitating conditions. This trauma has been neutralized to the extent that it can be remembered, but without the emotional charge that was there for forty or more years.

On a day-to-day basis I have more peace and calmness as the fear has been released. It no longer affects my daily activities. I am pain free and have incredible levels of stamina and energy. I am living life and celebrating being able to function optimally. My consciousness has shifted to incredible states of bliss and joy. There is no better definition of being cured.

Thank you Geoffrey!

Kathleen Reffett

Sarasota, FL

January 2010

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