Ava Cowan Blogs About Experience at Brain Training Centers of FL

Ava Cowan recently visited us at the Brain Training Centers of Florida. She blogged about her experience over at GaspariNutrition.com. Here is what she had to say:

“I was going to go ahead and do my cardio and then and race to bed as these days I have quite a unique schedule, and barely can put a few seconds together it seems to get everything done in my day.  I will be cooking all of my food for the day either tonight or in the morning and then jump into my car for a 1 hour and 20 minutes drive to the Brain Training Center of Florida.  The reason for this lengthy drive is that daily I have been going to the Braining Training Center.  This is a one of a kind system that adjusts second by second based on the functioning of your brain.  This system is developed to help your brain become balanced.  I had never heard of anything like it, but I have read the testimonials, and I myself have now finished 12 sessions.

You must be wondering the specifics and I am not a doctor or medical dictionary, so you may go to the website for all of the medical terminology.  I am going to speak to you about why I am going there.  My sole purpose is to improve the quality of my life, and the way I feel on a daily basis.   I am only half way through a series of treatments, but I have had a few notable experiences that I can share with you.  The reason that I decided to share is that if I can find a way to be happier and to smile than I want to share it with you.  I want you to feel balanced and happy too!

What if you are living with something so painful RIGHT NOW, and by reading this you were able to completely become pain free, through work, but I feel that there is an obligation to help an other person’s soul.  If I embarrass myself with a few self  “truths” so that you find the courage to take some action, then that is what I am going to do.  We ALL have pain.  And I am always searching for new ways to heal my heart, and I sure hope you are too.

Has there ever come a point in your life that you have had major life issues, and whatever you are currently doing isn’t working?  I certainly have so I was all for getting my “Brain Trained”.  Especially since I personally heard about how several other people “were never the same again“.  That is a pretty bold statement!  Sign me up, and I mean NOW!

I have struggled with previous addictions, (currently 7 years clean and sober), severe depression, sleeping issues ( so don’t snore around me ! lol) and I believe chronic stress and anxiety.  And according to my brain frequencies, it was clear to Geoff Cole as to why after reading my biofeedback.  So you can imagine that If I could find a way to find abalance internally, I would fight tooth and nail to help myself.  And I promise myself as long as I walk this earth, I will always be willing to learn and grow.  So I was hooked up to where my brain was assessed, and this is how imbalances can be determined.  Then after the assessment, I was given a protocol, a suggested amount of sessions to help get my brain back into harmony and balance.  I have done 12 sessions so far.  And I woke up happy for the first time the other day.  Not skipping around the room happy, but excited about the day.  I have never in my entire life woke up and felt happy.  And it wasn’t that I didn’t have reasons to be happy, I just wasn’t able to feel that way.  Plus,  I could actually SEE on paper the what I have known about myself my whole life.  That I wasn’t crazy, but that living with my brain “couldn’t be very easy” (as I was told) and I was like you think?? lol  All joking aside, I have beat myself up for many years.  I am very self critical, and that is just one of the many areas of imbalance that I was able to see.

So far, my reactions and though process have changed as well.  I have noticed a few instances when I clearly reacted differently and more favorably than I ever had in the past.  Through the printed progress reports, I can actually see the dramatic improvement in the stability of my sub consciounsious mind.  Lately, I have felt happy and lighter.  Granted, I feel sad at times, but I know the areas specifically that we will continue to work on, and I know hard work has never scared me.  The thought of never changing or growing as a person does scare me.

My relationships feel more enjoyable, and  I feel more self aware of old patterns that I knew weren’t OK, I just didn’t know how to react differently.  I have a deeper sense of empathy, more so in the moment as opposed to later as a reflection of an action.  I don’t like the long drive, but doing what is right for me I know will make my life forever different.  A sense of calm surrounds me, and I am still deep in the trenches of the work.  But I will keep you posted along the way.”

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