Beating Depression Permanently Without Medications

I have been providing brain waive optimization for the past three and a half years. I have analyzed and provided session plans for over 12,000 sessions. I have now helped hundreds of people overcome their depression permanently without medications. In 2008 I personally overcame my depression without the use of medications and have been depression free since then. I just wanted to personally describe how successful we have been this month helping people recover from their depressions.

In the beginning of the month, a 26 year old male came in because he was having difficulties with his relationship with his fiancé. During his process with us, his fiancé broke off their engagement. He was sadden by this, but did not miss a day of work, and was able to function well. He (and his employer) were quite amazed. He reported that it was devastating, but now he could cope and not sink down into the mire of shame and guilt that he used to experience.

Beat Depression Using Brain Wave Optimization - Brain TrainingAlso in the beginning of the month a 30 year old army veteran who’s Humvee was hit by a missile in Iraq, came in. He was burned on over 80% of his body. This was not however, why he came to see us. He reported that he had an anger problem way before he ever went to Iraq. This was why he wanted help. He completed 16 sessions over a course of three weeks. He has reported never feeling better. His anger is now well under control.

A 30 year old woman came in because she has battled depression for many years. She was in the middle of another bad bout when she came in due to difficulties surrounding her work and her ex-husband. She is now smiling ear to ear.

A 35 year old female physician came in because her stress levels and obsession with the well-being of her daughter were pushing her to a level of having panic attacks etc. Her depression was now causing her much difficulty. She has completed 10 sessions and is amazed at how much better she is feeling.

A 50 year old woman came in for anxiety and depression. She has completed six sessions, and has reported “I am now one of your greatest fans!”

A 22 year old mane came in due to battling depression. He had been taking benzodiazepine addictively. He has now stopped and reports having an unexplained general feeling of happiness.

A 45 year old fireman came in due to PTSD, anxiety and depression. He performed 15 sessions. I received a text today from a friend of his that said “…he told me he really feels great and the training has really worked well…”

The young lady who sent me that text and referred him to me came in to overcome her depression. She performed 16 sessions and has an entirely new lease on life. She has referred many others to us as well. She may be coming in next week to do a video testimonial, which we will be posting to youtube soon!!!!

This has been a great month in beating depression. I felt compelled to report this on our Blog. If you or anyone you know is suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and/or depression, please have them contact us as soon as possible. We are helping people beat this horrible mental disease everyday without medications!!

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