The human brain works on electricity, which is generated by the brain in order to complete its tasks. The electricity is measured in hertz. One hertz is one energy wave per second.

The human brain functions utilizing between 0 to 60 hertz each and every second.

In order to perform brainwave optimization with real time balancing™, an electroencephalogram (EEG) is performed. While the EEG is recording the brainwave frequencies from where the electrodes are placed, the computer is analyzing 128 soundings per second and running this analysis through algorithms to allow the computer to emit a sound that correlates with each brainwave frequency from 0 to 60.

Accordingly, for the point where the electrode is recording, whenever the brain produces a frequency band of 1, it hears the same tone, and for 2 it hears another tone that is always the same when it produces a 2 wave frequency band. There is a tone (or set of tones) assigned to each band. The computer emits these tones in correlation with the electricity being created, thus mirroring the functioning of the brain.

The computer continues to monitor and mirror the brain until the behavioral algorithms signal that the brain knows it is being “mirrored”. From this “mirroring,” a language is born. Now the computer can speak to the brain regarding each frequency band utilizing the tone assigned to that band. So the computer will now roll into a modeling program to show the brain the optimal frequency bands for this area of the brain.

After the modeling program, the computer rolls into a coaching program which will emit a tone with a negative tone behind it if the brain is producing too much of a frequency band or alternatively if the amount of a band is appropriate, then the tone for that band will be played with a positive tone behind it.


Brainwave optimization is all about optimizing the brain and hence optimizing all brain and bodily functions.


The brainwave optimization system utilizes this programming to speak to brains to train them to function more optimally. Yes, all that is happening is a conversation with the brain.

The subconscious (sometimes called the unconscious) part of our brain generates the electricity to perform all functions. It knows exactly what electrical frequency bands to generate for each function. For example, if a client is told to lift his arm, his conscious mind decides if he will do it or not. If he decides to lift his arm, he commands his subconscious to lift his arm. His subconscious will then generate the exactly correct frequency band from the correct neurons down the correct neuro-pathways to the correct nerves to make the correct muscles flex for the arm to raise.

Accordingly, the subconscious is exactly aware of each neuron and nerve in the entire body. That is why the subconscious brain is processing 400 billion pieces of information every second. Our conscious mind is only aware of up to 2000 per second.

The subconscious brain learns how to generate its patterns regarding our feelings and behaviors based on its perceived experiences. It basically utilizes trial and error. Based on an individual’s environment and experiences, the brain could be learning how to function in a way that does not let an individual leave his house.

The brainwave optimization utilizes frequency band ratio modeling to train brains toward optimal functioning. This is significant because it means that this system realizes that all brains will function differently. By utilizing the ratio modeling system, brainwave optimization allows every brain to function differently as long as they are balanced. This allows for the individuality of the human species. The appropriate balance guidelines were obtained by studying the brains of Tibetan monks.

In order to train a brain, a two-hour assessment is performed which includes a brain mapping. From this assessment, the trainers can see the areas of the brain where the frequencies are being created in an unbalanced manor. Then the trainers run 90 to 120 minute training sessions performing the appropriate exercises to train the brain to perform in balance. Based on the levels of imbalance and the amount of time the brain has been running imbalanced, the amount of training sessions will vary from 10 to 150. Our average client performs 20 sessions.

Balance is essential and the key to overall well-being. Brainwave optimization is all about optimizing the brain and hence optimizing all brain and bodily functions.

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