This was a win-win. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain; and I did. The integration of a balanced brain allows all of your organs to operate in a balanced way. Your intuition will be unlocked and allowed to flow with a new sense of living. What before was experienced in any number of negative emotions will now be experienced in a calm, peaceful and functional way of living life. I now enjoy a zest for life; an excited anticipation of what will happen next

Judy S. Tampa, Fl., 12/01/09

“I remember feeling different on the 3rd day waking up with no anxiety in the pit of my stomach for the first time in I don’t know how long; this was a strange feeling for me to feel nothing (no anxiety) in my stomach, and to actually feel like getting out of bed in the morning. Upon finishing the 20 sessions, I went back home to Las Vegas and allowed for the 10 days to settle things in my brain. I can honestly say that I truly started LIVING from that point forward. I remember saying “so THIS is what it feels like to LIVE??”. The desperation and hopelessness was gone, no more anxiety or fear of everything. The calmness that came over me to deal with life’s situations and the sense of worthiness and entitlement to go and achieve anything that I wanted to in this life. I have not suffered from depression since then and almost a year later, my life has only begun. I feel like I’m 20 years old again! Look out world!!! Here I come.”

Elaine Goodlad
 IFBB Professional Figure Athlete

When I first heard about brain wave optimization from a friend, I was skeptical, but desperate to try anything to relieve my Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms.

Due to a series of traumatic events in my life, followed by the one that took me over the edge in 1996 (, I had been living with the symptoms associated with PTSD: chronic depression, chronic anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, nightmares, flashbacks, racing thoughts, panic attacks, disassociation, difficulty falling and staying asleep, hyper vigilance, feelings of mistrust and betrayal, feeling detached and emotionally numb, easily startled, and so on.

Anti-depressants made me feel more detached and numb, and in the end, I was still anxious, depressed, didn’t sleep well, and had all the other associated symptoms.

Within days of learning about brain wave optimization, I called Dr. Francis Flynn and made my initial appointment. Following an assessment of the state of my brain, Dr. Flynn and Geoffrey Cole, made their recommendation. I decided to begin my sessions immediately. After nearly 15 years of battling with Chronic PTSD, I was desperate – at my wit’s end with the symptoms – and needed to see quick results.

I began with two sessions a day for the first five days. Lo and behold, my anxiety diminished significantly. There was hope! I continued with 10 more sessions, and experienced a dramatic change. I didn’t remember what it was like to wake up in the morning and not feel anxiety! What a relief! Thirty sessions later, I was practically symptom-free.

It’s been a year and a half since I discovered Brain Training Centers of Florida. I now visit on occasion when I feel in need of a re-enforcement (there are still a lot of stressors in my life), but I have never returned to the state I was in. I can now say that I am living free of anxiety, depression, and all of the other symptoms that were driving me insane – with no medications! That, to me, is a miracle!

I can also say that I am now happy; that I see life from a totally different perspective, and can truly enjoy each day. My friends and family have witnessed the transformation, and as a consequence, many of them have also become Brain Training Centers of Florida clients – all for different reasons.

Some had problems sleeping, others had OCD, ADD, ADHD, etc., or they simply wanted to be more focused and have their brain function at its optimum. The quality of life of each and every one of them has improved thanks to brain wave optimization.

I write this a year and a half later because I am so very thankful to Dr. Flynn, Geoff Cole and the staff at Brain Training Centers of Florida for changing my life. And because I want others to know about this incredible life-altering technology. Everyone can benefit from this technology – it is amazing!!!

Brain Training Centers of Florida, I can’t thank you enough!

Ana Margarita Martinez

Ana Margarita Martinez

I am in complete control of my mind whereas before it would run wild and I was its prisoner. Amazingly, I have not had a significant panic attack in over five weeks. At times I will see an invitation to a panic attack (one my mind would never have resisted months ago), but now the invitation will quietly float by without trouble or any concern on my part. This is, simply put, phenomenal. What Skip and Geoff were able to give me I could never repay. I am a man reborn.”

Jess Morrison

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