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Brain Training Centers bring Miracles to South Florida

State-of-the-art technology balances the brain to work more effectively.

(Miami, FL / February 2010)Brain Training Centers of Florida (BTC) is now offering a new technology that achieves remarkable results. Brain Wave Optimization with Real Time Balancing™ addresses the condition and balance of the human brain through a sophisticated neuro and biofeedback system.

The “Brain Training” method engages state-of-the-art computer technology and specially designed neurofeedback and EEG equipment that captures and analyzes the energy levels of the brain. Brain Wave Optimization/RTB is utilized to help individuals with a wide range of disorders, as well as those who want to enhance their creativity and intellectual or athletic performance. This technology has been very successful in treating ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, depression, addiction, sleep problems, and an array of other physical and mental issues.

Josh Lewis, who was dealing with anxiety, depression and fatigue, says Brain Training Centers of Florida has unequivocally changed the quality of my life. This amazing technology achieves formidable results, which in my case can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively. It appealed to me on a spiritual level and even more so intellectually.”

Dr. Francis J. Flynn explains, “The brain is the control center for virtually everything that happens in the human body. When it is out of balance, that imbalance manifests in a myriad of ways. When we can help individuals achieve greater balance in the brain – harmonizing their brain waves – the results are pretty close to miraculous.” Francis Flynn, Psy.D, CAP earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. He is a state licensed Certified Addictions Professional who knows something about miracles as he has been a Catholic priest for 32 years, including eleven years of service as a chaplain in the Florida prison system.

“I was looking for new ways to accelerate and enhance the recovery process but would never promote any method that I had not tried myself” comments Flynn. He also adds “I had a horrific fear of flying and for most of my life couldn’t board an airplane without medication. We programmed the computer to address the problem and after “Brain Training” I no longer need medication. It has now been two years and I am still flying”

Geoffrey Cole, Program Director and “Master Brain Trainer” who directs the technical aspects of the clients’ individualized Brain Training programs, said “We are a global community trying to find ways to help children and adults with ADD, ADHD and other disorders. I can tell you first hand that I am seeing miracles every day. No medications, just ‘Brain Training’. By correcting the imbalances that cause these disorders and creating balance and harmony, we are achieving incredible results. Mr. Cole adds “We are witnessing how men and women get their lives back. Their anxieties and depression disappear – even depressions that have lasted for decades. Because we use the most advanced systems in the field, the changes are quick, deep and long-lasting.”

At Brain Training Centers of Florida, brain wave optimization is complimented by optional cognitive behavioral therapy with Dr. Flynn, integrating physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of wellness.

BTC is located at 9990 S.W. 77th Avenue, PH 20, Perrine, Florida. For further information or to schedule an evaluation, please contact Geoffrey Cole at (305) 412-5050, via email at or visit

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In Brain Training Today: February 22, 2010

Today we are empowering brains utilizing our Brain Wave Optimization with Real Time Balancing system powered by Brain State Technologies to strengthen the processing of seven different peoples’ brains. The issues people are coming to see us at the Brain Training Centers of Florida include, but are not limited to the following, “No Issues just want my brain to work better”, anxiety, addictions, teenager having problems integrating information – cognitive functioning, sleep issues, phobias, chronic fear, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression, sadness, despair, and panic attacks.

Client quotes for today include “Wow, this is incredible….I do not know how to describe it. I feel very different!” It is another optimal day at the Brain Training Centers of Florida.

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You Can’t Catch Up on Sleep

At the risk of sounding like your mother, “Turn out the light. Turn off the iPod and the computer. Stop text messaging or I’m going to take that cell phone away from you. And, go to bed! And, no! You can’t catch-up on your sleep over the weekend.”

In summary, that appears to be summary recommendation from the journal Science Translational Medicine and researcher Dr. Daniel Cohen of Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

And, hey, if it’s good enough for the National Basketball Association, it sure ought to be good enough for you. On the road, NBA players frequently don’t hit the sack until two or three in the a.m. and must be in the gym for weight training and practice by nine – forcing players to function on far less than the seven to nine hours of sleep recommended by the National Institutes of Health.

In recent weeks, Boston Celtic’s head coach Doc Rivers has eliminated the almost 40 year old tradition of early morning “shoot-arounds.” His players report that they feel fresher and more alert – especially when traveling. And, it doesn’t hurt that his team is leading the league. The San Antonio Spurs and the Portland Trail Blazers have followed suit and other teams are experimenting with the idea.

And there is science behind Rivers’ bold move. Players – and anyone else – who go three, four or five days in a row with less than six hours of sleep have reaction times comparable to someone who is has consumed alcohol beyond the legal limit to drive. In a sport that depends on tenths of a second, that can make the difference between winning and losing.

In part, sleep serves to restore neurons – brain cells – in a process that is critical for learning, mastering and processing information. A good night’s sleep after practice or a couple of hours in the library allows players and student the opportunity to more effectively process the practiced/studied material; too little sleep and that opportunity can be lost.

In a new (January 2010) report, Cohen and his associates report that staying awake 24 hours in a row impairs performance and an “all-nighter” on top of chronic sleep deprivation can result in a “tenfold” deterioration of performance.

Regular sleep deprivation can result in an increased risk of health problems, including memory impairment and a weakened immune system. As noted, too little sleep affects reaction time and may contribute to car crashes and other accidents.

Significantly, Cohen also found that when his sleep deprived volunteers’ reaction times were tested every few hours their performance continued to deteriorate through the course of the day when compared to those of volunteers getting a normal amount of sleep. In addition, it appears that the effects of chronic sleep deprivation were not eliminated by attempting to bank up or catch-up on sleep over the weekend.

Parents of high schoolers should also understand that the National Sleep Foundation recommends that school-age children and adolescents need at least nine hours of sleep a night – even though a 2006 survey revealed that only 20 percent of American students get that many. Nearly half of the students survey reported sleeping less than eight hours on school nights and 28 percent reported falling asleep in school at least once a week. It is probably that – given the rise in texting and social networks – the problem has worsened in the past four years.

So parents – of students and student-athletes – who want to see their children’s classroom and on-the-field performance improve should begin to sound like parents: Turn out the light. Turn off the iPod and the computer. Stop text messaging or I’m going to take that cell phone away from you. And, go to bed! And, no! You can’t catch-up on your sleep over the weekend.”

Since opening in January 2008, the staff of the Miami-based Brain Training Centers of Florida has served more than 200 clients, more than 60 percent of whom presented with some degree of sleep deprivation or the inability to enjoy a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. “By assisting clients to achieve a health balance of their brainwave activity, we have been able to restore optimal sleep health to virtually every client, most often within five days,” noted BTCF executive director Francis J. Flynn, Psy. D., CAP. “Sleep problems are often the result of a wide range of factors, including day-to-day stress and early life trauma with the restoration of healthy sleep, individuals are able to address those problems with renewed vigor and well-based hope.”

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Testimonial: Treating Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Anger

Treat Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Snoring, Anger with Brain State ConditioningWe have successfully helped a growing number of patients improve their lives and solve specific problems through our state-of-the-art brain state conditioning techniques. This is a testimonial sent to us by one of our patients, Jim Sarakinis, who overcame anxiety, panic attacks, anger management and sleep issues (he stopped snoring!) through brain state conditioning.

Here is Jim’s story, which he wanted us to share with you:

“As a client of the Brain Training Centers of Florida, it is with pleasure that I recommend their Brain State Conditioning program. The program has positively changed my life. My reactions to daily circumstances have completely changed since undergoing the program. Before I began the program, I struggled with panic attacks, stress, anger management, sleeping difficulties and hyperactivity all due to the pressures, challenges and obstacles that come about in both work and personal life. Since undergoing training, I feel a more peaceful state of being and am able to handle situations without stress or anger. Also, I am now able to sleep better by sleeping throughout the entire night. Tension has decreased and I now stay focused and calm throughout the day. Not only do I feel a difference in myself, but friends and family have noticed a difference in me as well.

I have had an overall wonderful experience with the program and I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Francis (Skip) Flynn and Geoff Cole for their assistance, knowledge, and service throughout my training. The program has certainly improved my way of life and I highly recommend it to anyone who faces similar obstacles.”

~ Jim Sarakinis, Florida

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Ava Cowan Blogs About Experience at Brain Training Centers of FL

Ava Cowan recently visited us at the Brain Training Centers of Florida. She blogged about her experience over at Here is what she had to say:

“I was going to go ahead and do my cardio and then and race to bed as these days I have quite a unique schedule, and barely can put a few seconds together it seems to get everything done in my day.  I will be cooking all of my food for the day either tonight or in the morning and then jump into my car for a 1 hour and 20 minutes drive to the Brain Training Center of Florida.  The reason for this lengthy drive is that daily I have been going to the Braining Training Center.  This is a one of a kind system that adjusts second by second based on the functioning of your brain.  This system is developed to help your brain become balanced.  I had never heard of anything like it, but I have read the testimonials, and I myself have now finished 12 sessions.

You must be wondering the specifics and I am not a doctor or medical dictionary, so you may go to the website for all of the medical terminology.  I am going to speak to you about why I am going there.  My sole purpose is to improve the quality of my life, and the way I feel on a daily basis.   I am only half way through a series of treatments, but I have had a few notable experiences that I can share with you.  The reason that I decided to share is that if I can find a way to be happier and to smile than I want to share it with you.  I want you to feel balanced and happy too!

What if you are living with something so painful RIGHT NOW, and by reading this you were able to completely become pain free, through work, but I feel that there is an obligation to help an other person’s soul.  If I embarrass myself with a few self  “truths” so that you find the courage to take some action, then that is what I am going to do.  We ALL have pain.  And I am always searching for new ways to heal my heart, and I sure hope you are too.

Has there ever come a point in your life that you have had major life issues, and whatever you are currently doing isn’t working?  I certainly have so I was all for getting my “Brain Trained”.  Especially since I personally heard about how several other people “were never the same again“.  That is a pretty bold statement!  Sign me up, and I mean NOW!

I have struggled with previous addictions, (currently 7 years clean and sober), severe depression, sleeping issues ( so don’t snore around me ! lol) and I believe chronic stress and anxiety.  And according to my brain frequencies, it was clear to Geoff Cole as to why after reading my biofeedback.  So you can imagine that If I could find a way to find abalance internally, I would fight tooth and nail to help myself.  And I promise myself as long as I walk this earth, I will always be willing to learn and grow.  So I was hooked up to where my brain was assessed, and this is how imbalances can be determined.  Then after the assessment, I was given a protocol, a suggested amount of sessions to help get my brain back into harmony and balance.  I have done 12 sessions so far.  And I woke up happy for the first time the other day.  Not skipping around the room happy, but excited about the day.  I have never in my entire life woke up and felt happy.  And it wasn’t that I didn’t have reasons to be happy, I just wasn’t able to feel that way.  Plus,  I could actually SEE on paper the what I have known about myself my whole life.  That I wasn’t crazy, but that living with my brain “couldn’t be very easy” (as I was told) and I was like you think?? lol  All joking aside, I have beat myself up for many years.  I am very self critical, and that is just one of the many areas of imbalance that I was able to see.

So far, my reactions and though process have changed as well.  I have noticed a few instances when I clearly reacted differently and more favorably than I ever had in the past.  Through the printed progress reports, I can actually see the dramatic improvement in the stability of my sub consciounsious mind.  Lately, I have felt happy and lighter.  Granted, I feel sad at times, but I know the areas specifically that we will continue to work on, and I know hard work has never scared me.  The thought of never changing or growing as a person does scare me.

My relationships feel more enjoyable, and  I feel more self aware of old patterns that I knew weren’t OK, I just didn’t know how to react differently.  I have a deeper sense of empathy, more so in the moment as opposed to later as a reflection of an action.  I don’t like the long drive, but doing what is right for me I know will make my life forever different.  A sense of calm surrounds me, and I am still deep in the trenches of the work.  But I will keep you posted along the way.”

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In Brain Training Today: January 14, 2010

In the Brain Training Centers of Florida office today we are brain training eight (8) different people. This may be a record for our office. We are performing brain wave optimization on six people and completing two assessments (including brain mapping EEGs) on new clients.

The issues we are assisting our clients with today include, but are not limited to; anxiety, depression, addictions, hyperactive brains, focus issues, sleep issues, trauma recovery, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and anger issues. Everyone of the addicts coming in today (3) report that they have not used since they started with us. That is a 100% success ratio just for today.

I have learned a new word today, Aumakua. Aumakua is a Polynesian word which means the lineage of love which comes from our line of parental ancestors. This is also the energy which we are helping our clients generate and tap into through our brain wave optimization. Have a great Day!

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In Brain Training Today: January 11, 2010

According to my car thermometer, it was 31 degrees when I walked out of my house at 6:30AM this morning. I had to be out that early in order to get the children to school in and in to the office in time to prepare for our completely full day. Yes we are booked for all 14 two hour slots today from 8AM until 10PM tonight. I am starting out the morning with an 8AM assessment (with brain mapping) while performing a session on one of our returning clients. We are brain training seven different people today (including the assessment).  Four of the clients are with us for their first ten session intensive training program, while three are returning clients performing follow up sessions. The issues we are helping our clients with today include, but are not limited to; anger, stress, sleep issues, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, addictions, panic attacks, bi-polar disorder, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression.

It is another fantastic day here at the Brain Training Centers of Florida utilizing our brain wave optimization technology along with rational emotive and cognitive behavior therapy to enhance peoples lives.

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Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) Article

A young Marine hero of Iraq is being called “the author of the most important psychological memoir of 2009” by a Miami counselor

 Jeremiah Workman is a certified hero. Marine. Winner of The Navy Cross – the second highest medal of valor.

 But, Jeremiah Workman is a hero not because of anything he did in battle – he’ll be the first to tell you that. He’s a hero because he survived Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and has produced a gripping account of the incident that his PTSD and his struggle to overcome the emotional trauma

 “It’s a masterful work that gives hope not just to those traumatized by battle but to everyone who’s ever struggled with PTSD,” notes Francis J. Flynn, Psy. D., CAP, director of the Brain Training Centers of Florida, and himself a PTSD survivor.

Workman writes to Iraq and Afghan war vets – and to anyone with PTSD – with an eloquence that would make Shakespeare jealous and is still absolutely down to earth.

 Five years after his battlefield experience, he tells them

 The campaign continues…I have my good days and bad ones. Sometimes it looks like I’ve made a lot of progress. Other days, I slip and fall. That’s the nature of the game now, and the point is to keep playing to win for yourself and your family.

 [PTSD] affects us in different ways, but ultimately some of us develop the worse symptoms of PTSD: rage, overheated emotions, flashbacks, and overwhelming guilt. Our brains have been chemically altered by the trauma the war inflicted.

 We’re proud men and women who don’t like to admit we’re hurting. To do so is a sign of weakness that in our warrior profession we normally revile. Your pain is my pain. We share that as a bond, as do our families who have endured so much. 

 The truth is cold and harsh. Everyone one of us combat veterans who attempts suicide, every one of us who wakes up one day running empty on hope is a casualty of war just as sure as the men who died over there around us. If you are at that point, like I once was, all I can say is this: Don’t give the Muj the satisfaction. You pull that trigger, you swallow those pills, and they win. I can’t think of anything worse after seeing what barbarians they are…

 Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. This is a war nobody can wage alone. There is no shame in PTSD, it is a human response to trauma that is a natural part of our composition. The shame lies is submission.

 “Jeremiah Workman has produced a dynamic page-turner description of PTSD that is almost too painful to read,” says Flynn. “Anyone, absolutely anyone who works with an Iraq or Afghan vet who’s experiencing symptoms of PTSD has to read it,” said Flynn, who has already recommended Workman’s book to a number of his clients.

Flynn, who traces his PTSD to his experience as a political prisoner in Latin America in the early 1970s, notes that PTSD affects more than war vets. “Parents and children who provide long term care for family members going through chronic death, firefighters – especially EMTs, and intensive care nurses and staff members, even members of the clergy who spend years listening to others’ problems can experience caretakers fatigue that manifests itself as PTSD,” notes Flynn.

 “In many cases, it manifests as an abiding sense of physical exhaustion and, no matter how many hours you sleep, there’s a sense of never waking refreshed.”

 “Trauma upsets the natural balances of the brain, whether from care-giving or childhood physical/emotional/sexual abuse or from being ‘boots on the ground’ in Afghanistan and Iraq,” notes Flynn. “That imbalance will manifest itself in a thousand ways – from fear and startle responses to depression and alcohol and drug abuse.” The Brain Training Centers of Florida has specialized in assisting clients to achieve a new balance of brain wave energies and, in many cases, experiencing dramatic or complete relief from their PTSD symptoms.

 “No one can erase the memories or trauma, but we can help to take away their life-limiting power,” says Flynn.

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In Brain Training Today: December 28th, 2009

We are enjoying some more awesome miracles today!!! We are brain training a young woman who is returning for a short intensive (eight sessions). She came to us in August weighing a little more then eighty pounds due to her difficulties with bulimia and anorexia. When she first came to us she reported that she could not figure out a good reason to live. She said she was just waiting to die.  At the end of the day yesterday she reported that she now weighs almost 110 pounds which is a result of her feeling like she has lost the motivation to try to look that thin anymore. She said that that drive is gone!!!!! She also reported that she is actually happy alot of the time now!!!! Wow, we really love what we are doing!!!!

We are also brain training her mother today. She is struggling with her issues stemming from being an adult child of an alcoholic and care takers fatigue from dealing with her daughter. She is reporting feeling better, sleeping better, and being able to focus better. She has also reported that her daughter is doing remarkably well.

Today we are also brain training a woman in her sixties who has been struggling her whole life with her issues. She is a psychologist who has studied body talk therapy. She has really taken to our technology and reports feeling measurably different.  We are also working with a drug addict who is detoxing from Benzodiazopenes. His issues include being bi-polar, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep issues, fatigue, and trauma. This one is a very difficult case. Success with him will be a miracle. We have high hopes!

It is another terrific day at The Brain Training Centers of Florida.

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In Brain Training Today: December 3, 2009

By utilizing Brain Wave Optimization with Real Time Balancing we are helping six clients achieve more peace, love and joy in their lives today. The issues we are brain training our clients to stop include sleep problems, anger issues, anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD (ADD), trauma from sexual abuse, trauma from satanic lifestyles, trauma from improper institutionalization, eating disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, pain, fibromyalgia, being homeless, being unemployed and losing jobs, fear and depression.

From 8AM until 10 PM today we are completely full. Our clients are reporting awesome results by learning to create a “new normal” to live with instead of continuing their lives dealing with the issues created by the traumas of their past.

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