Child shows improvement in school after Brain State Technologies


“I wanted to give you a update on how my 8 year boy is doing since we completed the 10 Brain State training sessions. As you know, though very bright, my son was having difficulty in school and his teachers wanted to put him a special class for kids having difficulties.

Since the training he was re-tested in the areas that he had tested below grade level last August. He improved in all six areas. Two areas showed notable jumps. He improved a year and a half in reading content understanding and Four years in understanding and following directions, neither of which could be explained by his classroom experience this fall.

He continues to improve in reading and spelling at a surprising rate and we have seen some improvement in written expression, but it remains an area of concern.

His vision has improved some, though he still sees triple sometimes. We are practicing bringing the three images together and he is to the point where he can almost achieve that.

Thanks so much in your wonderful work in helping my beautiful little boy. This is so encouraging.”

Brain trained by Sue Shipman
Institute for Optimum Balancing
Gilbert, AZ

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