Epilepsy: “The electric storm in the brain”

Effective treatment of patients with active epilepsy may need some dynamic improvements, including developing effective means of promoting compliance with appropriate medication regimens..

Epilepsy, often described as an “electrical storm in the brain,” involves more than a major neurological dysfunction. Data collected in the 2003 California Health Interview survey (CHIS), at the time the nation’s largest state health survey, indicated that epilepsy takes a toll on physical and mental health and often interferes with daily activities, according to study authors Rosemarie Kobau and David J. Thurman.

The study found that almost 300,000  (1.2 percent) of adults had a self-reported history of epilepsy, while 182,000 (0.7 percent) were living with active epilepsy – either taking medication or experiencing at least one seizure within the past three months.

Of those living with active epilepsy, 36 percent reported being physically disabled or unable to work, compared to just five present of adults without the disorder. Alt patients with recent seizures reported between nine and 12 days of impaired physical or mental health in the past month or days when their daily activities were limited – compared with only two to four days for those without epilepsy.

Significantly, individuals with epilepsy were found to have worse overall health status and to engage in some risky behaviors including smoking. Most startling of the authors reports was that about one-quarter of active epilepsy patients reported not taking any medication for their disorder.

For more information, see: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/10/071029130925.htm

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