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A forty year old woman came to our office to get help from extreme levels of anxiety, panic attacks and sleep issues. We performed a modified “intensive” on her which consists of ten sessions in 8 days and cognitive behavioral therapy. She presented with moderate excess Beta waves in the occipitals, and a moderate imbalance while eyes closed. These are indicators of moderate trauma in the last trimester of her mothers pregnancy with her which was causing sleep problems. The increased Beta would contribute to the sleep issues. While eyes open the Beta’s were causing focus and concentration issues. There also was a moderate imbalance in the Parietals with eyes open. This is indicative of a trauma while growing up (ages 3-18).  There were further traumas eyes closed on the temp-orals and centrals while eyes closed indicating more recent traumas from age 20 until now… These were accompanied with traumas while eyes open in the temp-orals and frontals. Indicating current traumas.

Through the cognitive behavior therapy we ascertained that she was the youngest child of six and the in-eutoral trauma was most likely the stress of being pregnant with five little children running around. Also, they were living in Cuba and facing difficult times which may have also added to the stress of the pregnancy. At age 1o her family moved to Miami from Cuba. The children then lived with their grandparents. When she was 18 her grandparents died and the six children moved from relative to relative. After that she went to college and met her husband. They married and had two children. Seven years ago they divorced. The children are 21 and 18 years old now, but for the past seven years our client had been having anxiety and panic attacks. She remembered having similar feelings, but not as intense nor long lasting when she moved from Cuba and when her grandparents died. We ascertained that as the youngest of six, she liked being semi-invisible and being taken care of. Being on her own, dependent on her self and in charge caused her anxiety. The neural pathways housing these emotions were extremely exacerbated when she went through her divorce with two children to care for.

Accordingly, when we performed alpha-theta training (training to release her trauma and allow her brain to create more alpha than theta waves) we started by releasing the trauma related to the events and then started working on the issues behind the events….. This all happens at a subconscious level which we re-enforce with cognitive awareness and self-coping therapy.

The result was that her anxiety has gotten to levels that are either non-existent or very manageable. Since she knows the main cause of the anxiety and we have taught her cognitively and brain subconsciously how to cope with these issues, the anxiety will not build into imbalances in the future and her anxiety free life will remain permanent. Due to the fact that her brain imbalances have been corrected and she is now coping daily, her sleep has improved dramatically and she is living a new life anxiety free.

It has been another great couple of weeks at the Brain Training Centers of Florida.

-Geoff Cole
Clinical Director
The Brain Training Centers of Florida

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