How to Train Your Brain On Your Own

How to Train Your Brain On Your Own

• Begin each day with 5-10 minutes of self-directed thought (often called meditation or prayer) directing the focus of your energy to be from love of self rather than fears created by conditions of worth. Tell brain and mind to let go of all emotions from your past and live today “in the now” based on the knowledge and wisdom of your past but without holding on to any emotions from your past.
• Further, during the day try to do occasional situation checks and redirect the energy of your new neural pathways.
• Challenge and keep your mind active. Check into Lumosity or any other brain training games.
• Go to our website at and read blogs etc and pick books to read from the “books” tab on our website.

• Read the following books or any like them:
o Awareness
o By Anthony De Mello

o The Anatomy of the Spirit
o By Caroline Myss

o Limitless You
o By Lee Gerdes

o Spirituality of imperfection
o By: Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketchem

Remember that this may be impossible to do without first going through our program of training. Also remember that one session with us is usually as valuable as doing approximately three to six months of the above training (meditation or prayer, Lumosity, brain training games). It is recommended that you come back for “tune-ups” with us at The Brain Training Centers of Florida quarterly….

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