Improving Chronic Fatigue Through Brain Training

Improving Chronic Fatigue Through Brain TrainingChronic Fatigue is usually a symptom of other problems. Fatigue can be caused by many of other issues (many of them listed on our website and blog). Accordingly, when you correct those issues, sleeping improves, which improves fatigue.

Fatigue can also be directly caused by the brain not being able to quiet down enough to allow sleep. By brain training, many people have found that they can train their brains to quiet down when needed and therefore deal with their fatigue issues more effectively.

Hormone imbalances often play a big role in causing fatigue. We always recommend seeing an endocrinologist regarding fatigue issues.

In our process of Brain Training, we perform an electroencephalogram mapping the energy flow in the brain. From the brain map we can determine the areas of the brain which contain elevated amounts of energy due the issues which are inhibiting sleep. By training the brain to reduce the amount of energy flowing through the appropriate neural centers, the issues with sleep and fatigue tend to dissipate.

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