Improving a Lack of Energy Through Brain Training

Improving Lack of Energy Through Brain TrainingExcess energy in the brain is often the cause of an individual’s problems with a lack of physical energy due to the obvious reason that excess energy patterns in the brain cause an individual to burn extra energy in order to maintain the excess energy patterns in the brain.

Excess energy patterns are easily seen in many brain map patterns. During the brain mapping, we can often determine if the excess energy patterns were generated from neuro-networks developed in-utero through early childhood, in the early development years, during adolescence, during the teenage years, during early adulthood, or during adulthood.  Excess energy is often present in all of these phases of human development. Wherever it is, our process helps reduce the amount of excess energy presentin the brain.

Another reason for Lack of Energy is hormone imbalances. Whenever we encounter this issue, we recommend that the client see an endocrinologist.

In our process of Brain Training we perform an electroencephalogram mapping the energy flow in the brain. From the brain map we can determine the areas of the brain which contain elevated or reduced amounts of brain energy required to function normally. By training the brain to reduce, increase or balance the amount of energy flowing through the appropriate neural centers to help reduce or eliminate the flow of brain waves our process helps allow more energy with which an individual can function.

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