In Brain Training Today at the Brain Training Centers of Florida: August 17, 2009

Please forgive my indulgence in self, but Thursday I went water skiing for the first time in twenty years. Needless to say, water skiing is not wise for those with prosthetic hips. Accordingly, I hurt my right hip muscles. By Sunday I could barely get up and walk. So, I got myself on the brain wave optimization machine. I was able to have two protocol out of seven run because I was interrupted. When I got up, I was almost pain free. The symptoms of my injury had diminished by approximately 75% after just twenty minutes of brain training. Wow, I knew we were good, but this is amazing.

We also brain trained four other people with the following issues; depression, anger, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, anorexia, bulimia, addiction/alcoholism, anger, sleep issues, dyslexia, focus issues, and trauma. We also performed an assessment (brain mapping) on a new client today.

Two of our clients today were returning clients who were extremely happy with their results and were excited to do more work.

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