In Brain Training Today; December 1, 2009

We are completely full from 8 AM until 10 PM through December 5th. To better serve our clients, we are open seven days a week providing brain wave optimization with real time balancing.

Our recent activity has included helping a man with a brain injury due to a fall from a rooftop, helping his wife with caretakers fatigue, helping his daughter with anxiety which she has had to endure from birth along with several eating disorders, helping a woman with fibromyalgia and ADHD, a woman who has depression, and helping a woman who has eating disorder.

Our successes from this activity include;

The man with the brain injury has improved anxiety levels by approximately 20%.

His wife is functioning with approximately 40% less anxiety.

His daughter has experienced a dramatic change in her life and is trying to get used to her “new normal” way of living her life free of the major anxiety and perceptual misconceptions she used to be forced to live with.

The young woman with fibromyalgia reports a 90% reduction in her symptoms and improved focus and memory. She also has a heighten feeling of happiness and peace and is sleeping better.

The other two women report feeling much better, but they realize we have much more work to do.

It is another awesome day at The Brain Training Centers of Florida.

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