In Brain Training Today: December 28th, 2009

We are enjoying some more awesome miracles today!!! We are brain training a young woman who is returning for a short intensive (eight sessions). She came to us in August weighing a little more then eighty pounds due to her difficulties with bulimia and anorexia. When she first came to us she reported that she could not figure out a good reason to live. She said she was just waiting to die.  At the end of the day yesterday she reported that she now weighs almost 110 pounds which is a result of her feeling like she has lost the motivation to try to look that thin anymore. She said that that drive is gone!!!!! She also reported that she is actually happy alot of the time now!!!! Wow, we really love what we are doing!!!!

We are also brain training her mother today. She is struggling with her issues stemming from being an adult child of an alcoholic and care takers fatigue from dealing with her daughter. She is reporting feeling better, sleeping better, and being able to focus better. She has also reported that her daughter is doing remarkably well.

Today we are also brain training a woman in her sixties who has been struggling her whole life with her issues. She is a psychologist who has studied body talk therapy. She has really taken to our technology and reports feeling measurably different.  We are also working with a drug addict who is detoxing from Benzodiazopenes. His issues include being bi-polar, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep issues, fatigue, and trauma. This one is a very difficult case. Success with him will be a miracle. We have high hopes!

It is another terrific day at The Brain Training Centers of Florida.

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