In Brain Training Today: February 5th, 2010

Just when I thought we had established a new record…. we are setting another new one today. Today we are helping nine of our clients benefit from the neuroplasticity of their brains through Brain Wave Optimization with Real Time Balancing (Brain Training). In the fourteen daily sessions we have available, nine people are coming in for training.

Today, the issues that we are dealing with the most seem to be helping our clients get to the neuropathway programming that originated in-utero during the last trimester of their mother’s pregnancy with them. Clearly, the neuropathway designs that the mother developed as her reality are passed through to the fetus to be a guide for the programming of the new persons mind. The programming becomes the new persons original programming. Accordingly, the mother’s past life becomes a real and valid part of the child’s life in the first neuropathways of the new brain. We are helping our clients re-wire this part of their brains to be the break in this past-life regression. The good news and bad news surrounding this is that it takes many hours (bad news) but we have been very successful in helping create a “new normal” from this exercise (good news). We also worked with helping anxiety, depression, addictions and addictive behaviors, sleep issues, focus issues, relationship issues, trust, love, and self-esteem.

It has been another great day at The Brain Training Centers of Florida.

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