In Brain Training Today: January 14, 2010

In the Brain Training Centers of Florida office today we are brain training eight (8) different people. This may be a record for our office. We are performing brain wave optimization on six people and completing two assessments (including brain mapping EEGs) on new clients.

The issues we are assisting our clients with today include, but are not limited to; anxiety, depression, addictions, hyperactive brains, focus issues, sleep issues, trauma recovery, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and anger issues. Everyone of the addicts coming in today (3) report that they have not used since they started with us. That is a 100% success ratio just for today.

I have learned a new word today, Aumakua. Aumakua is a Polynesian word which means the lineage of love which comes from our line of parental ancestors. This is also the energy which we are helping our clients generate and tap into through our brain wave optimization. Have a great Day!

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