In Brain Training Today: July 18, 2009

Today at The Brain Training Centers of Florida we are brain training six different people from 8AM until 8PM. Yes, we are open 12 hours on a Saturday to serve the needs of our clients. We are finishing up twenty sessions in seven days on one client. This client is already feeling much more at ease and ready to go back home to a very difficult situation. As I told another client today, many people who brain train with us realize the most benefits approximately ten days after they finish; so we have high hopes for this client. We are helping our clients with many diverse issues today, including the needs of a ten year old girl who is brain training with us. The needs we are helping our clients with today include anger, betrayal, abandonment, being born to a mother who did not want us, depression, fatigue, pain, alcoholism/addiction, panic attacks, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, trauma and sleep issues.

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