In Brain Training Today: July 21, 2009

We brain trained six different people today with many different issues. The ages of the people we brain trained today ranged from 10 to 55 years of age. The mother of the ten year old told us that she is a totally different person today. We are all extremely happy with her progress! We are also brain training a 40 year old man who two years ago had a severe stroke. When he woke up in the hospital he had lost all movement on the right side of his body and had lost the ability to speak. He has progressed remarkably. A video following his progress will be published here soon.

The issues we helped our clients overcome today inclued, but are not limited to, severe depression, anger, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, sleep issues, paralysis from stroke, loss of speeach due to stroke, focus, alcohol/drug addiction recovery, eating disorder (binging), fear, and hopelessness. All of our clients today are showing improvement.

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