In Brain Training Today: July 29, 2009

Today at The Brain Training Centers of Florida we are brain training seven different people with diverse issues. Four of the seven are recovering alcoholics and/or drug addicts. By “recovering”, I mean that they are all participating in twelve step programs. Their lengths of time clean from alcohol/drugs vary from two months up to 20 years. Regardless of the time in recovery, everyone benefits from brain training because it is the most effective technique that we are aware of to help the sub-conscious part of our brains change.

The other issues being dealt with here today utilizing the Brain State Technologies systems for brain wave optimization with real time balancing include but are not limited to; depression, fear, anger, stress, focus issues, anxiety, panic attacks, migraine headaches sleep issues, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, sadness, stroke symptoms, paralysis, speech problems, short term memory, overall negative moods and trauma.

It is truely amazing to watch all of the great big smiles our clients are developing.

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