In Brain Training Today: July 7th 2009

Here at the Brain Training Centers of Florida we are working with four different people today. We also did a client session review with a client (his Mom) who finished 20 sessions on July 1st. The issues we are working with today include, but are not limited to, addiction and alcoholism, anxiety, anger, fear , trauma, Lyme’s Disease, emotional abuse (at an early age – twenty years ago), depression, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and sleep issues.

The review showed that the training assisted our client to reduce overall brain volume by approximately 45%. The client arrived with extreme sympathetic energy patterns. These energy patterns are now operating in a homeostatic pattern approximately 50% of the time. As the neuroplasticity of the brain settles in and the new neuropathways the brain has and is developing set in, this client’s brain will be functioning approximately 40% better than it was functioning before he trained with us. His dyslexia and focus problems will most likely improve as a result of these changes.

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