In Brain Training Today: June 11, 2009

Through the amazing systems of brain optimization with real time balancing of Brain State Technologies offered through Brain Training Centers of Florida and the neuroplasticity of the brain, we are helping five different people today with the following issues. They do not all have all the issues listed, this list of issues is all encompassing for these five individuals. One of the five is 13 years old. Their issues include, but are not limited to; anxiety, fear, sleep issues, tinnitus, depression(suffered for over thirty years), Tourettes Syndrome, stress, chronic fatigue, pain, alcohol and drug addiction, bi-polar disorder, and trauma relief.

Two of the five received their brain mappings today (which last about two hours) and will begin their first set of ten sessions (lasting from 1.5 to 2 hours each) during the coming weeks. The ten sessions will be performed twice per day over a five day period.

Geoff Cole

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