In Brain Training Today: May 26, 2009

Today we are brain training six different people. Five of them are recovering alcoholics and/or recovering drug addicts. One of them has come to us specifically to reduce the inner turmoil in his head stemming from the on-going battle between his sub-consciousness and his consciousness.

The issues our clients have come to optimize include but are not limited to; sleep, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, bi-polar disorder, addiction, craving, pain mitigation, focus (ADD or ADHD), childhood sexual abuse, trauma, depression, HIV symptom reduction, Hepatitis-C symptom reduction, fear, creativity, and hormonal deficiency. Along with some of the issues listed here, one of our clients today has come in to improve his physical performance for an upcoming marathon he is running Sunday.

This appears to be another busy day improving brain functioning thereby improving people’s lives through brain wave optimization with real time balancing. The neuroplasticity of the brain provides a pathway for the amazing experiences our clients are having everyday.

-Geoff Cole

Posted in: Brain Wave Optimization, Neuroplasticity

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