In Brain Training Today: May 4, 2010

Our clients are reporting great successes today. Our client with aspergers syndrome went for follow-up testing. He has reported feeling better and doing better in school, but the improvement on his scores on the testing was really exciting. One of the improvements was that his IQ increased by 3 points!!!!

Many of our other clients are improving also. Here are some of their reports;

– client with fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety is “flying high” and living in the energy of love today. Here pain is almost non- existent.

-alcoholic woman has eleven days clean and sober today and reports never feeling better.

-two cocaine addicted men are reporting feeling totally free from their addictions. One has a week clean the other three weeks!!! They both report, never feeling better.

-a woman with anxiety and anxiety attacks reported today that she actaully feels “normal.” I explained that normal is jsut a setting on the dryer…. She further explained she actually got to live a full day without overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks!

-a 22 year old woman reports that all the noise in her head has gone away. She can, for the first time, actually pay attention, listen and learn at school! Of course this is helping her immensely in the rest of her life.

Through Brain Wave Optimization and cognitive behavioral therapy we at the Brain Training Centers Florida are helping our clients improve their brain functioning; thereby improving their lives.

-May the optimal frequencies be with you!

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