Life Changing Experience for 55 Year Old Man

Over the past 15 years I have seen and been an acquaintance of this gentlemen. He has been in and out of alcoholics anonymous the whole time. He has not been able to put together more than one year of continuous sobriety. Last year I spoke with him for about twenty minutes describing what we do and how we could help him. Unfortunately he did not come in to our office for our cognitive behavioral therapy combined with brain wave optimization (including HIRREM technology). He has suffered for another whole year fighting to get one month to three months of sobriety at a time. I ran into him again last week. He was just coming back from another relapse. He was miserable and pretty much hopeless. I implored him to come in for help with us. He finally agreed and started his sessions last Thursday (March 2, 2011). He had a two hour brain wave optimization session on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. I met with him on Monday to discuss his progress right before he did his session. He told me that he plays in a band on Friday nights and that after he is done playing, his urges to use become over-powering. He typically could not resist them. On last Friday night, the day after his first session, his urges were almost gone. They had become nothing more than quick ideas that were easily dismissed. He stated that he is feeling more relaxed and at peace than he has in years. He can literally feel his life changing right now!!!!

It is another great day at The Brain Training Centers of Florida.

-Geoff Cole

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