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Brain Training Centers bring Miracles to South Florida

State-of-the-art technology balances the brain to work more effectively.

(Miami, FL / February 2010)Brain Training Centers of Florida (BTC) is now offering a new technology that achieves remarkable results. Brain Wave Optimization with Real Time Balancing™ addresses the condition and balance of the human brain through a sophisticated neuro and biofeedback system.

The “Brain Training” method engages state-of-the-art computer technology and specially designed neurofeedback and EEG equipment that captures and analyzes the energy levels of the brain. Brain Wave Optimization/RTB is utilized to help individuals with a wide range of disorders, as well as those who want to enhance their creativity and intellectual or athletic performance. This technology has been very successful in treating ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, depression, addiction, sleep problems, and an array of other physical and mental issues.

Josh Lewis, who was dealing with anxiety, depression and fatigue, says Brain Training Centers of Florida has unequivocally changed the quality of my life. This amazing technology achieves formidable results, which in my case can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively. It appealed to me on a spiritual level and even more so intellectually.”

Dr. Francis J. Flynn explains, “The brain is the control center for virtually everything that happens in the human body. When it is out of balance, that imbalance manifests in a myriad of ways. When we can help individuals achieve greater balance in the brain – harmonizing their brain waves – the results are pretty close to miraculous.” Francis Flynn, Psy.D, CAP earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. He is a state licensed Certified Addictions Professional who knows something about miracles as he has been a Catholic priest for 32 years, including eleven years of service as a chaplain in the Florida prison system.

“I was looking for new ways to accelerate and enhance the recovery process but would never promote any method that I had not tried myself” comments Flynn. He also adds “I had a horrific fear of flying and for most of my life couldn’t board an airplane without medication. We programmed the computer to address the problem and after “Brain Training” I no longer need medication. It has now been two years and I am still flying”

Geoffrey Cole, Program Director and “Master Brain Trainer” who directs the technical aspects of the clients’ individualized Brain Training programs, said “We are a global community trying to find ways to help children and adults with ADD, ADHD and other disorders. I can tell you first hand that I am seeing miracles every day. No medications, just ‘Brain Training’. By correcting the imbalances that cause these disorders and creating balance and harmony, we are achieving incredible results. Mr. Cole adds “We are witnessing how men and women get their lives back. Their anxieties and depression disappear – even depressions that have lasted for decades. Because we use the most advanced systems in the field, the changes are quick, deep and long-lasting.”

At Brain Training Centers of Florida, brain wave optimization is complimented by optional cognitive behavioral therapy with Dr. Flynn, integrating physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of wellness.

BTC is located at 9990 S.W. 77th Avenue, PH 20, Perrine, Florida. For further information or to schedule an evaluation, please contact Geoffrey Cole at (305) 412-5050, via email at Geoff@braintrainingcentersfl.com or visit www.braintrainingcentersfl.com.

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