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Our Process

We have developed a process of Brainwave Optimization combined with Cognitive Behavior Treatment developed through the many years of experience and collaboration of Dr. Francis Flynn and Geoff Cole. The process described below is a loose framework allowing for significant modification based on the diverse needs of each individual. Accordingly, this is not meant as a description as to the only method that we use, this is merely a generalized description of the process which generally is applied as the basic protocol used in our offices in order to provide optimal results (up to 80% of our clients follow this protocol).
1. Assessment and Review of Findings – extremely limited psycho-social history (1.5 to 3 hours)
2. 8 – 14 two hour sessions performed in one of the following formats
2.1. One a day in eight to fourteen days
2.2. One a day for three days (either consecutive or with one or two day breaks in between) then the fourth and fifth session done as a “double” on the same day followed by the sixth and seventh session done as a “double” the next day or with a day or two break before-hand.
2.3. Two sessions a day “doubles” for five to seven days.
2.4. Three sessions a day for five days – (Only done for athletes)
3. A two or three week break. If necessary the introduction of other modalities or disciplines such as CBT, massage, acupuncture, nutritional support, etc
4. 6 – 12 two hour sessions performed in six to twelve consecutive days.
5. A three to a month break.
6. 2 – 4 sessions performed one a day for two to four days or as “doubles” on the same day.
7. Follow up sessions as desired by client or client’s family or employers – as tune ups or follow up visits to utilize our process to peak mental fitness and to optimize functioning much like people go to the gym for physical fitness.

We have found that this (these) process(es) have proven the most effective. We in no way guarantee the results, as every individual reacts differently

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