Press Release: Brain Training Center Opens in South Florida


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Revolutionary approach to balance and harmony in the human brain.

Miami, Florida — October 30, 2008 — For the first time in South Florida, an affiliate of Brain State Technologies – Brain Training Centers of Florida – has opened its doors, offering the worlds most advanced computer programs and neurofeedback technology in a revolutionary approach to balance the human brain. Brain Training is utilized to help individuals with a wide range of depression, addiction, and anxiety disorders as well as those who want to enhance their creativity, intellectual or athletic performance.

Brain Training Centers of Florida opened in February of this year and is already experiencing success with its clients. Francis J. Flynn, Psy.D., CAP, is president of Brain Training Centers.

The premise of the program is that the brain is the central control system for everything in the body, The “Brain Train” system engages state- of- the- art computer technology and specially designed neurofeedback and EEG equipment that captures and analyzes the energy levels of the brain.

“The brain is the central control for virtually everything that happens in the human body. When it is out of balance, that imbalance manifests in myriad of ways from depression and anxiety to addiction, PTSD and other emotional problems,” said Flynn. “When we can help individuals achieve greater balance in the brain – harmonizing their brain waves – the results are pretty close to miraculous.”

Francis Flynn, who earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and is a state licensed Certified Addictions Professional, knows something about miracles. He has been a Catholic priest for 32 years, including eleven years of service as a chaplain in the Florida prison system. He has made seven trips to China where he has lectured about addiction, counseling and psychology in medical and nursing schools. In June of 2008, he ended eighteen months of service as a chaplain at the Hanley Center in West Palm Beach – one of the nation’s premier addictions counseling centers – to fully dedicate himself to Brain Training and the launch of the Centers.

Flynn personally experienced Brain Training in Scottsdale, Arizona, home of Brain state Technologies. “I was looking for new ways to accelerate and enhance the recovery process for alcoholics and addicts but would never promote any method that I had not tried myself.,” said Flynn. At the Scottsdale headquarters, he told them that he had a benign non-Parkinsonian tremor in his left hand. “They programmed the computer to address the problem and it was gone in seven minutes. Nine months later, it’s still gone. While I call that borderline miraculous, I am always careful to stress that Brain Training does not treat diseases or medical problems but rather it helps the brain to be balanced and, when that happens, many other problems are resolved,” he continued.

Brain Training Centers of Florida is working with clients who suffer from PTSD, including veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; victims of childhood sexual abuse, caretaker fatigue and all forms of addiction.

Geoffrey Cole, who directs the technical aspects of clients’ individualized Brain Training programs, said “every day, I see men and women get their lives back. Their anxieties and depression disappear – even depressions that have lasted for decades. Because we use the most advanced systems in the field, the changes are quick, deep and long-lasting.”

For further information about Brain Training Centers of Florida, please contact Geoff Cole at 305-796-6979 or Dr. Flynn at 305-733-0518.


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