Reducing Chronic Pain Through Brain State Conditioning

Reducing Chronic Pain With Brain State ConditioningWhile there are a variety of reasons we experience pain, one of the primary reasons is that pain is the brain’s tool for causing you to stop utilizing a certain area of the body until the brain and body systems can heal that area of the body. Unfortunately, some injuries/illnesses cause damage that may not be repaired anytime soon; or, the pain itself is inhibiting your ability to heal.

Pain travels along the nervous system of the body up through the spinal cord into the neural pathways of the brain. A large component of pain may also be the response of the muscular system that is in the proximity of the pain. Often, the muscles close to the nerves that are transmitting the pain spasm or constrict very tightly to protect the area. These muscle spasms or constrictions can cause direct pain or can cause the skeletal system to be pulled out of alignment; thus causing further pain and damage.

In our process of Brain Training we perform an electroencephalogram mapping the energy flow in the brain. From the brain map we can determine the areas of the brain that contain elevated amounts of energy due to the pain. By training the brain to reduce the amount of energy flowing through the appropriate neural centers, the pain tends to dissipate. Many clients have come in with surgeries being recommended due to chronic pain and have been able to reduce the pain they have substantially enough to not need the surgeries.

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