Relief From Tourette’s Syndrome is the Big Story in Brain Training Today: August 21, 2009

Today at the Brain Training Centers of Florida, we are brain training seven different clients. All of our clients today are returning clients. One of them came to us for a five day ten session intensive in June for relief from Tourette’s Syndrome. Before he came he was on medication to fight the effects of Tourette’s Syndrome. Before brain training, he flinched uncontrollably in his arms and legs and his head could not be held still. Unbeknownst to us, he stopped taking his medication three days before he came. Through our brain wave optimization with real time balancing technology and our therapeutic assistance, by the end of the ten sessions, the flinching was 90% gone. He went away for the summer and returned today. His mother reported that she brought him to us hoping to get him off the medication and survive with a little flinching. We were successful way beyond her expectations, Further, there were other great benefits. He became much more relaxed and actually more happy. He asked to come back for additional brain training in order to get ready for school. The other six clients have all had reductions in anxiety, increases in focus, and enjoy overall better attitudes towards their lives. Two of the seven are recovering alcoholics/drug addicts, who remain clean and report that the brain training has helped improve their sobriety.

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