Brain Training and Athletic Training: Get in ‘The Zone’

The Brain Training Centers of Florida is a sponsor for The International Wake Board Championships. The following article appeared in the program for the event:

More than two centuries after Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, declared “A strong body makes the mind strong,” a Miami counselor is telling sportsmen “A well-trained brain can make a well-trained athlete even better.”

“The field of Sports Psychology is barely a century old, but the truly effective training of the body and the brain to work as a unit is a whole new field,” reports Francis J. Flynn, Psy.D., co-founder and director of Brain Training Centers of Florida.

sports psychology - brain state conditioning - athletic training“Traditionally, the world’s best athletes – divers, swimmers, pitchers, basketball players, golfers, and others – had to work for years to be able to get ‘in the zone’ at the critical moment in competition. Today, high powered laptops and specialized computer programs allow athletes to strengthen the bond between brain and body in ways never dreamed of – even ten years ago.”

“Until recently we believed that by adolescence the brain was fully developed and unchanging. Today we know that the brain can change and develop – in a sense actually get stronger – all through life. With repetition of everything from sinking free throws, sticking dives and/or flip turns or perfectly hitting a ski jump, athletes of all ages can change specific areas of their brains,” said Flynn, who has counseled an Olympic silver medalist in platform diving and a world champion springboard diver. “It’s one of the most significant new principles of neuropsychology and athletic training. We call it ‘neuroplasticity,’ the idea that throughout our lives our brains can continue to change.”

Athletic excellence demands the carefully coordinated interaction between the brain and the body. Skilled athletes must, at one and the same time, quiet their brains to block out all distractions and use their brains to deliver specific instructions to the muscle groups involved in their sport to achieve precise movements. “From the perspective of the brain, the Olympics were exciting because of how marvelously athletes were able to achieve perfect brain-body coordination,” said Flynn.

The Brain Training Centers of Florida use the Brain State Conditioning (BSC) systems of Brain State Technologies. BSC is a personalized, computer-driven type of brain optimization computer program based on the brain’s ability to observe and direct itself into an ever more balanced and healthy state. Brain Training Centers’ clients can learn to quiet and focus their brains in order to accomplish specific sports-related tasks and, at the same time, achieve optimal levels of physical performance. In addition to athletes, BTC of Florida also works with individuals experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, sleep problems, and a wide range of other issues.

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