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Today in Brain Training: Executive Transcends His Fear!


An executive who lost his job recently and went into an emotional tailspin says “Not only have I experienced a full recovery, I feel like I am now better than I was ever before!”

Marc Taylor, a psychologist for the US Navy, conducted research on Olympic athletes to see what kind of positivity tactics they employed (like repeating positive affirmations) and how this affected their performance. Taylor found that athletes who practiced visualizations and positive self-affirmations were better able to cope with the pressures of high-level competition and were more likely to succeed, Psychology Today reports.

“Our process here at The Brain and Body Training Centers allows our clients to get 10 to 20 years of practice in a matter of weeks!” says Geoff Cole, Clinical Director of The Brain and Body Training Centers. (aka The Brain Training Centers of Florida)

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Patient Testimonial: Overcoming Panic Attacks with Brain State Conditioning

Curing Anxiety Disorders with Brain State ConditioningBrain state conditioning continues to prove itself as one of the foremost and most advanced techniques for helping patients overcome a variety of mental and emotional challenges, including panic attacks.

What follows is a testimonial sent to us by one of our patients, Raina Langer, who overcame debilitating issues with anxiety through brain state conditioning.

Here is Raina’s story, which she sent to us specifically so we could share it with you:

I had suffered with anxiety as far back as I can remember. At times I was able to “walk through” my anxiety. And, at times my anxiety and panic attacks were so overwhelming that I could not and did not leave my house for weeks at a time. I don’t think I will ever truly be able to verbalize how hopeless and desperate I felt then. The week before I started BST I had one of my worst panic attacks. What made this one so bad was that it happened with my family, at their house, which had always been a “safe” place for me, and there was no apparent reason for it. I felt like I was slipping back into that place where I was afraid to leave home that next week, and even more anxious because I was a full time student, and couldn’t afford to miss classes. I remembered a conversation I had with a friend who had gotten relief with chronic pain from BST, and he thought it might help for my anxiety.

When I came to BTCF I didn’t expect much. After trying medications, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, books, etc., this was going to be my last shot at getting better. I was extremely skeptical of the treatment, and even if I wouldn’t have been- I believed my anxiety and panic attacks were so severe that it couldn’t help anyway.

After my first week of treatment I started to test the waters a tiny bit to see if it was really working, and to my surprise- IT WAS!!! I was beginning to feel more at ease in situations that used to make me extremely uncomfortable. There was this particular situation- one that, in the past had always caused a full blown panic attack every time I was in it. This was going to be the true test of whether or not this therapy actually worked, and it wasn’t until the end of my therapy that I felt confident enough to try it out. As I was driving into this situation that usually terrified me, it wasn’t until I was about half way there that I realized I hadn’t even thought, or not thought about my anxiety. It was simply a non issue. For the first time ever I didn’t feel or act on the need to escape. My hands were steady and dry, I wasn’t nauseous, my heart didn’t feel like it was going to jump out of my chest, and most importantly, my head wasn’t racing a mile a minute trying to figure out what excuse I was going to have to concoct to get out of this. In fact, I felt a little bit of happy excitement. I don’t know how or why it worked- but it did.

Since then I’ve had countless of other positive experiences like that. Doing things that I was too afraid to do are starting to become natural to me, but every once in a while I find myself in a situation where I am absolutely amazed that I’m now able to handle and enjoy!

From my very first session, Geoff, Skip, and everyone else at BTCF made me feel so comfortable and cared for. I was able to openly talk about my symptoms and skepticism without embarrassment. It was wonderful to feel embraced and fully supported every step of the way. I really can’t thank you enough, or express how grateful I am for your help. You’ve made the impossible truly possible for me. I can finally live without fear.

~Raina Langer

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Testimonial: Treating Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anger, and Snoring Through Brain State Conditioning

Treat Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Snoring, Anger with Brain State ConditioningWe have successfully helped a growing number of patients improve their lives and solve specific problems through our state-of-the-art brain state conditioning techniques. This is a testimonial sent to us by one of our patients, Jim Sarakinis, who overcame anxiety, panic attacks, anger management and sleep issues (he stopped snoring!) through brain state conditioning.

Here is Jim’s story, which he wanted us to share with you:

“As a client of the Brain Training Centers of Florida, it is with pleasure that I recommend their Brain State Conditioning program. The program has positively changed my life. My reactions to daily circumstances have completely changed since undergoing the program. Before I began the program, I struggled with panic attacks, stress, anger management, sleeping difficulties and hyperactivity all due to the pressures, challenges and obstacles that come about in both work and personal life. Since undergoing training, I feel a more peaceful state of being and am able to handle situations without stress or anger. Also, I am now able to sleep better by sleeping throughout the entire night. Tension has decreased and I now stay focused and calm throughout the day. Not only do I feel a difference in myself, but friends and family have noticed a difference in me as well.

I have had an overall wonderful experience with the program and I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Francis (Skip) Flynn and Geoff Cole for their assistance, knowledge, and service throughout my training. The program has certainly improved my way of life and I highly recommend it to anyone who faces similar obstacles.”

~ Jim Sarakinis, Florida

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