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Brain State Conditioning

The human brain is creation’s greatest wonder!

At the Brain Training Centers of Florida, our goal is to help individuals discover and unleash their brains’ complete potential, allowing them to benefit themselves and the human community.

The Brain Training Centers of Florida employ brain wave optimization with real time balancing powered by Brain State Technologies ™, an individually tailored method of balancing, harmonizing and optimizing the brain.

This Brain State Technologies ™ method involves collecting and analyzing an individual’s brain waves and producing personalized exercises to balance and harmonize the brain – Brain Wave Optimization with real time balancing. ™.

Our integrated computer systems in Florida and Arizona create a neurofeedback plan designed to assist your brain in achieving an optimal level of balance – homoeostasis. We will then assist you in moving toward specific goals by developing neurofeedback training protocols and exercises designed to enhance your life and overall emotional fitness.

At approximately three pounds and containing 100 billion neurons or brain cells, each with 1,000 to 10,000 and an average of 7,000 synapses or connections to other neurons, the adult human brain has between one and five quadrillion connections – 1,000,000,000,000,000 – 5,000,000,000,000,000 synapses.

Brain cells communicate in a process that begins with an electrical signal and ends with a neurotransmitter from the “sending” brain cell binding to a receptor on the “receiving” neuron. It lasts less than a thousandth of a second, and is repeated billions of times daily in each of the human brain’s 100 billion neurons

It is the inexpressible complexity of these electro-chemical connections that allow us to explore other planets, compose great operas and some not-so-great rock music, write novels and poems, and share love and affection while caring for ourselves and others.

The flow of energy among these quadrillions of cells makes us human and determines the quality of our emotional and intellectual lives, and, in many cases, how we feel physically.

Brain cells communicate among themselves with a conduction velocity action potential of 1.2 to 250 mph. These quadrillions of brain cells share their electro-chemical messages at a rate of about 10 impulses (signals) per second – producing roughly 10 quadrillion (1016) impulses or signals per second. All the while, the brain is constantly consuming between 10 and 25 watts of energy. When well-tuned and properly coordinated, this communication among the elements of the most complex computer network in the universe allows us to feel healthy and balanced, a sensation known in psychology as homeostasis.

Homeostasis also depends on balance – between similar structures on the right and left sides of the brain, along the midline of the brain, and between elements in the front and back of the brain.

This balance works much like the network of computers that control the engines and navigation systems and all the other elements of a $40 million 154 foot super yacht. Improperly operating computers – running too fast or too slow, failing to interpret important data, or scrambling critical messages – can throw this ship off course or keep it turning in circles in the middle of the Pacific.

The Brain Training Center of Florida provides an individually tailored method of balancing and optimizing your brain. Beginning with a personal assessment that will include more than 500 specific electroencephalogram readings, our ultra-state-of-the-art computer system will produce personalized exercises designed to optimize your brain’s functioning and establish homeostasis. Brain Wave Optimization with Real Time Balancing ™ is a form of neuro-feedback that uses the ratios of your brain waves to balance and harmonize the brain and enhance the brain’s performance. It is completely non-invasive; no drugs are involved; there is no movement of electricity into the brain or body; and, it involves no surgical procedures.

Our EEG readings allow our computers to convert brain energy into the best possible sound energy for your brain and encourage your brain to achieve optimal patterns using computer graphics and sound encouragement.

By combining cutting-edge brain science with continually updated computer programming, we help clients achieve optimal results in real time. During your first visit to the Brain Training Centers of Florida, your trainer will conduct an initial review of your goals and the areas of your life in which you would like to see improvement. An initial assessment and brain mapping will gather brain wave data from the brain. Our Brain State Technologies ™ proprietary software will use your goals, brain mapping and assessment data to produce an individualized brain training program.

In training, the computer will translate your data into sounds that represent the patterns in which your brain will function best in specific locations. Sounds may vary by note and/or volume based on the real-time functioning of your brain – in effect holding up a mirror to your brain to allow it to observe and correct itself.

Brain Training sessions usually last 90 and each session addresses 12 to 14 different sections of the brain. As you relax in a zero-gravity chair, you may be asked to focus on your breathing or to entertain a number of detailed visualizations. Our extremely sensitive electrodes will detect the intensity and frequency of brain waves in specific areas of your brain and our computers will translate this energy into sounds that represent optimal patterns for your brain at specific locations. These sounds will vary by note and volume based on how your brain is functioning and the computer’s real-time feedback will allow the brain to listen to itself and change or move in the direction of greater balance.

The Brain Training Center is a licensed affiliate of Brain State Technologies. Neither the Brain Training Center nor its staff diagnoses or treats illnesses of any kind. All services delivered by the Brain Training Center are provided only for the purpose of balancing and harmonizing brain activity.

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Neuro-Biofeedback Used by Brain Training Centers Can Help Overcome Addiction

Greg was doing “everything right” when he relapsed again – attending AA meetings six or seven times a week, speaking with his sponsor every day, reading the Big Book, and doing his best at prayer and meditation. After three 28-30 day in-patient programs in less than two years, he couldn’t understand why he downed yet another bottle of vodka.

Now he’s found the explanation for his relapses: His brain is “like the world’s largest convention center, with committee meetings in every room; when I can’t silence the committees, I just blow-up the whole damn building.”

Recently Greg was able to see “in real time” what was happening in his brain. “Parts of his brain had so much activity that they looked like a combination of the Super Bowl and the last game of the World Series combined,” reported Geoff Cole of Brain Training Centers of Florida.

In-patient treatment, working the Twelve Steps and actively participating in AA had given Greg valuable tools, “but they didn’t allow him to quiet his own brain,” said Cole. “It was the committee meetings that were driving him to drink.”

By performing a 16-point electroencephalogram (EEG) assessment of Greg’s brain using computer programs and equipment developed by Brain State Technologies of Scottsdale, Arizona, Cole was able to pinpoint specific areas that were “just out of control. There was no way that Greg could will them to be quiet. The only way he could achieve some internal relief was to ‘blow up the building’ – to drink until his brain would just collapse for a while.

Brain Training Centers (BTC) uses highly sophisticated EEGs to provide real time neuro-biofeedback, designed to help the brain establish balance – homeostasis – among all of the areas of the brain. Cole uses the image of a rubber glove in which different areas are over- or under-inflated. “We’re attempting to encourage the brain to move the energy around and balance itself.” The BTC computers design personalized and very specific sound programs. When the brain receives these sounds – energy signals – as the client sits quietly in a comfortable chair, the brain attempts to mirror or mimic what it hears – affecting a change in energy levels in targeted areas.

“Although this extremely sophisticated process is only a few years old, they’ve been having almost miraculous results serving people with a wide range of issues, including addiction,” notes Cole. “Many people, especially those who can’t quiet the committee meetings in their heads, seem to develop addictions in their attempts to self-medicate. By restoring balance and quieting overactive areas of the brain, we’re able to give them a powerful recovery tool and jump-start their efforts. What’s nice is that the changes in the brain tend to be permanent. Clients can take real and long lasting advantage of in-patient or outpatient treatment and 12-Step programs.”

An initial 10-session BTC “Intensive Training” can be accomplished in five days, without radically disrupting a client’s life, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional 28-day or outpatient programs.

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