The Best Brain Book Ever:

The Human Brain Book. Rita Carter. DK Publishing. (2009).

Until something better is published (and don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen), The Best Brain Book Ever Award must go to The Human Brain Book the team of Rita Carter, Susan Aldridge, Martyn Page and Steve Parker. With 241 full-color pages and thousands of illustrations and full-color brain images, it is the best illustrated and most easily readable book ever published for people just beginning to explore the most complex system in the Universe.

Slightly larger than a traditional college neurology textbook, it is highly readable and – at an introductory level – covers virtually every element of neurology and the neurosciences including brain development and a wide range of neurological disorders.

Simply stated, it’s so good that it should be a “first buy” for any personal or professional library and no library should be considered complete without it.

The Human Brain Book. Rita Carter et al. Dorling Kindersley Limited (London, New York). 2009.

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