The Brainy and Not-So-Brainy Brain Books Corner

The Brainy and Not-So-Brainy Brain Books Corner

The Brain Training Centers of Florida presents a service not found anywhere else on the Internet or offered by any other affiliate of Brain State Technologies: The Brainy and Not-So-Brainy Brain Books Corner.

“Books about the brain are like a good news-bad news joke,” notes Francis J. (Skip) Flynn, Psy. D., CAP, director of the Brain Training Centers of Florida. “The good news is that there are a number of great new books that make understanding some dynamics of the brain relatively easy to understand; the bad news is that the brain is so complex and our understanding of it is still so new that even the best books will always be only relatively easy to understand.”

Edited by Flynn, a self-described “brain book junkie,” The Corner will review and provide brief introductions to some of the outstanding new books and articles on neurology, neuroplasticity, brain development, brain diseases and traumatic injury, and other subjects of specific and general interest regarding the brain and neuro-sciences.

“Every dynamic of the science of the brain is changing almost at warp speed,” notes Flynn. “New books and reports appear on an almost daily basis. Professionals and non-professional, families dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease, traumatic brain injuries and various Autistic Spectrum Disorders are constantly searching for new information. We hope that our reviews will be helpful,” says Flynn.

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