The Word From Sleep 2009 Regarding Overweight and Obese Adolsecents

There’s important news out for parents and teens concerned about overweight and obese adolescents and physical fitness: Cut down on the technology and caffeine and get more sleep.      

            That appears to be the word from Sleep 2009, the 23rd Annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.  Reductions in adolescent sleep could be related to higher caffeine levels, more hours of technology use – from text messaging and/or tweeting to Facebook and YouTube, and these could cause increased symptoms of other types of sleep disorders (such as snoring).

            The report by lead author Amy Drescher, PhD., research specialist at the University of Arizona in Tucson, reflect data gathered from 320 children who completed detailed dietary and physical activity questionnaires. The research indicated that children who slept less consumed more caffeine and had more hours of screen time – television, Internet, computer and video games. A higher body mass index (BMI) was associated with shorter sleep duration; more hours of screen time were also associated with higher caffeine consumption.

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