The Brain State Conditioning techniques utilized by The Brain Training Centers of Florida have helped countless individuals to lead a more rewarding and fulfilling life. This page includes some first-hand testimonials from some of our clients, telling you in their own words about their experience with us.

“I am 44 years old and I am a professional fitness athlete, model, and makeup artist. I have suffered from depression most of my life and really have known no other way to live or to feel. As a child, I was raised in a very suppressed, controlling environment where it was not necessary to have feelings or to own an opinion. Consequently, I shut off all the switches and dared not make a decision or take responsibility for my life. In my 30′s the depression worsened and there was not a day I would wake up without feeling anxiety and wondering why I would have to get out of bed and face life… all I felt was hopelessness and desperation.”

“One day a friend who was familiar with Geoff and Skip from the Brain Training Centers of Florida, and knew how badly I suffered from depression and anxiety, called me up and asked me how I felt on a scale of 1-10. I was sitting at about a 3, not good.”

“I ended up going to Brain Training Center of Florida for 8 days and took in 20 sessions in that time period. During the assessment before my brain training began, they told me how I was feeling (depressed, anxious, fearful, paranoid) without me telling them what I was feeling. They also explained that there was no reason for me to feel this way other than my brain chemistry was altered since childhood in order to cope with then environment in which I was raised. They said they could help me by building new neuro pathways in my brain.”

“I remember feeling different on the 3rd day waking up with no anxiety in the pit of my stomach for the first time in I don’t know how long; this was a strange feeling for me to feel nothing (no anxiety) in my stomach, and to actually feel like getting out of bed in the morning. Upon finishing the 20 sessions, I went back home to Las Vegas and allowed for the 10 days to settle things in my brain. I can honestly say that I truly started LIVING from that point forward. I remember saying “so THIS is what it feels like to LIVE??”. The desperation and hopelessness was gone, no more anxiety or fear of everything. The calmness that came over me to deal with life’s situations and the sense of worthiness and entitlement to go and achieve anything that I wanted to in this life. I have not suffered from depression since then and almost a year later, my life has only begun. I feel like I’m 20 years old again! Look out world!!! Here I come.”

“The special and unique qualities of Brain Training Centers of Florida are many… for one, the loving, caring individuals that make up this center. In order to allow myself to be vulnerable and put my brain in another’s hands, I have to trust the people that are working on me.”

“Geoff Cole is an exceptional and intelligent individual who has also been there and knows how it feels to come out of the depths of despair. I knew that he wanted me to get healthy again, and I felt that Geoff was a friend above all.”

“Another added feature of BTC of Florida is one of the best psychotherapists that I know, Father Skipper Flynn. This team not only hooks you up to build the new neuro pathways in your brain so that you can overcome a world of hurt, but in between sessions, Skip Flynn is there for as many sessions as you need, to talk with you to speed up the process of accepting a new way of thinking to get on with your life. He is an exceptional human being who has devoted his whole life to God and helping others and has been to hell and back along his own personal journey. I feel that his service is invaluable to this process as the psychoanalysis is a huge part of understanding oneself and what you’ve been through and how to take steps forward into a new life.”

“With both the brain training and therapy working hand in hand, I wouldn’t want it any other way. As a matter of fact, I have sent people from all over North America to this particular center to receive the best care and treatment that money can buy.”

~Elaine Goodlad
IFBB Professional Figure athlete

“Eighteen months ago I was completely incapable of leaving my parents’ home. I did not even feel safe in my own bedroom. Once, when my mother took me to a small restaurant, I was so intimated by the prospect of ordering, of speaking to the waitress, of making any kind of decision that I froze and we had to leave quickly. Eighteen months ago panic attacks were ninety percent of my life. They were so severe that I could not watch TV, could not talk to two people at the same time, and couldn’t think rationally or logically. I had so much anxiety that I was completely incapable of detecting any calm or quiet; my mind could turn a moment of peace into a new a crippling fear. I lived in a state of constant terror, prompting my mentor, Dr. Skip Flynn, to perceptively refer to me as a “raw nerve.”

“Before my paralysis I was living and working in the mountainous, but tiny (former) kingdom of Nepal. Nepal was emerging from ten years of civil war between royalist security forces and Maoist insurgents. My work, sponsored by a fellowship from the University of Chicago, was to liaison with a local human rights organization and “observe the cease-fire.” In reality, the cease-fire was anything but, and my days consisted of fieldwork at various protests and rallies (most of them extremely violent), extensive interviews with victims of horrendous rape and torture, detailing accounts of missing and disappeared persons, and investigations of abuse and cease-fire violations by both warring factions and various criminal groups. It is hard to say that my work was even slightly beneficial to those I sought to serve, but I was effective enough to have at least one group threaten me with assassination.”

“My time in Nepal was lonely and violent. When I wasn’t personally living in a world of chaos, I was detailing accounts of unspeakable violence. I tried to calm my nerves by traveling for pleasure when my work ended – assuming that I could not immediately return to the United States without some decompression. I traveled extensively in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia to ease the tension and stress, to forget the violence of Nepal. This backfired spectacularly.”

“Skip, my mentor, once had me count how many times I almost died – how many times I should have died if one small variable had not saved me. Since my entire presence in Nepal revolved around death, remembering my own brushes with death was a surprising challenge. In Nepal there were eleven instances where I personally confronted death. My twelfth encounter occurred in Laos and continued into Thailand – I was bitten by a rabid dog, hitched rides on a truck and a boat, bribed a border guard, and slowly but purposely made my way to Bangkok, Thailand and the most prestigious center for rabies studies in the world.”

“I was told that I would likely die in four days. I might live if I took copious amounts of medicine, but rabies was inherently unpredictable and I would have to wait four days to be sure. This set the stage for many of the physical expressions of anxiety I would later develop. The side-effects of the medicine, the mental consequences of confronting death, and the emotional fall-out of my experiences in Nepal combined to establish a devastating case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The full effects of PTSD manifested when I returned to the United States. Eighteen months ago I was paralyzed and although I was physically living safely at home I was emotionally living in a world of severe violence with the fear of death ever present.”

“The next eighteen months were marked by three to five intense therapeutic conversations each week with my mentor Skip, a grueling workout plan, and endless bouts of panic and anxiety. Because we had a five-year long relationship that dated to a period when we were both working as volunteer teachers in northeastern China, Dr. skip and I were able to work effectively by telephone; he was based in Miami and I was hiding in my parents’ m Park City, Utah basement. I progressed well – actually shockingly well – and eventually left my house, conversed with ever larger groups of people (I distinctly remember talking in a group of four and considering it a massive accomplishment), and reclaimed a quality of life by inches. It was immediately clear that I was a different person and I found, with Skip’s help, how to appreciate and give deep thanks for my transformation. But still, I was beset with daily panic attacks, daily reminders of fear, and in a perceptual state of intrinsic anxiety.”

“When I arrived in Florida to visit Skip and to meet Geoff, I considered myself healthy and doing well. My panic attacks were still daily (from one to seven and requiring anywhere from a few minutes to hours to recover), and I still spent a considerable amount of mental energy overcoming them, but I had learned to live this way and I considered it normal. When Skip told me that soon I would not have to struggle daily, that I would be free of my ever present anxiety I literally broke down and cried. I could not imagine living without those demons.”

“Today, after twenty two sessions with Geoff, I am as light as a feather. I have none of the serious physical ‘ticks’ that I carried with me as a result of the rabies vaccine. Situations that would have sent me into a tail-spin only a few months ago brush off me and hold no power over me. I am in complete control of my mind whereas before it would run wild and I was its prisoner. Amazingly, I have not had a significant panic attack in over five weeks. At times I will see an invitation to a panic attack (one my mind would never have resisted months ago), but now the invitation will quietly float by without trouble or any concern on my part. This is, simply put, phenomenal. What Skip and Geoff were able to give me I could never repay. I am a man reborn.”

Jess Morrison

“Are you in more pain than you have ever experienced in your Life? Are you hopeless? Have you read so many books, attended every self help seminar, spent thousands on counseling and every type of therapy known to man and still feel absolute despair?”

“You may have had brief periods of happiness and periods of functioning fairly well. But it lays dormant, you know it’s there, but you don’t even know what “It” is. You may identify it as a sadness or fear; these are very familiar emotions you’ve known a very long time. Most of your life maybe?”

“There is a reason. One that may surprise you as it did me. I was struggling with severe Post Traumatic Stress. To the point I would not ever actually hurt myself, but my will to live was fading away. It was just too hard to keep feeling these same debilitating emotions.”

“I was desperate. Maybe even more desperate because I had done so much work, what on earth was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I feel better? Why couldn’t I enjoy my life and be truly happy.”

“The answer did surprise me and changed my life so profoundly and in the simplest way when I was introduced to Brain Wave Optimization with real time balancing. I was shown with actual graphic detail why I was so unhappy. Why I was so fearful. That no matter what kind of therapy I had, how much I tried to control my thoughts or will myself to be happy, it would not work. I was shown the amount of trauma still in my subconscious on a graph. I was shown how the sessions were breaking up the trauma and I didn’t even feel it. It was being released and removed.”

“The reason nothing truly ever worked is because my brain was unbalanced. My brain had been so conditioned in an effort to protect itself from previous trauma that it had developed a maze of neural pathways that controlled every emotion and responded from that place. You may be familiar with the Fight or Flight response. My brain was set on 100% Flight. What is also commonly known as Disassociation? Any discomfort was an automatic Flight response and consequent disassociation.”

“Because of the ingrained pathways set from the trauma the brain interpreted everything as a threat and responded accordingly, automatically. I had no control to change it on my own.”

“Brain Wave Optimization, also known as Brain Conditioning or as Brain Training, breaks those destructive pathways and establishes new healthy pathways in the simplest way, with sound. You relax in a chair and visualize your new thoughts and the various sound protocols break the barrier of the old to reestablish the new and balance your brain.”

“Your life will be transformed, and because the brain affects and controls all of our physical organs, besides our emotions and thoughts, as well as our intuition, it has the ability to transform your overall sense of well being. You will really feel like you are living for the first time in your life.”

“This was a win-win. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain; and I did. The integration of a balanced brain allows all of your organs to operate in a balanced way. Your intuition will be unlocked and allowed to flow with a new sense of living. What before was experienced in any number of negative emotions will now be experienced in a calm, peaceful and functional way of living life. I now enjoy a zest for life; an excited anticipation of what will happen next.”

“This has been my experience and every person is different, but I invite you to explore the possibility of this changing your life. There have been absolute miracles in the lives of the people that have undergone this therapy.”

“Really, when you think of it everything works best when it operates from a place of balance. It is such a simple concept, brilliant in the design and the greatest therapeutic tool you will have ever used. This therapy is new but it is spreading around the world. My experience was especially great, I believe, because of the care and compassion of the Brain Training Center of Florida. So that is my recommendation for you. The Director Geoff Cole and his staff are truly so passionate about what they do that you could not be in better hands. Call them today and see how they can help you change your life and live in balance the way we are intended to be.”

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